Sara Z Girls Vegan Thong Sandal with Bow and Rhinestone Embellishment

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It's summertime, flip flop time!

Waterproof. Light. Colorful. All bring to mind warm sunny days, splashing in fountains and strolling along a waterfront. These comfortable and cute sandals are simple, minimalist fun. They're no fuss, no maintenance, no problem footwear for those times when you don't want what you're wearing to interfere with your day

A range of popping colors ensures you'll find a pair to go with any outfit and enliven your stride. Enjoy the bit of bling that sparkles up from the strap, winking as you walk. Slip into carefree ease and step on out.

  • Vegan Leather
  • SPARKLE ON TOP, CHROME BELOW: These flip-flops take casual fun to another level. Along with light comfort, enjoy a bit of bling winking out from the top strap, and a shimmering chrome and whitewall ringing the sole
  • POPPING PALETTE: Eye-catching jewel shades add delightful cheer to your wardrobe. With a range of color to choose from, these will go with any outfit, and enliven it at the same time
  • SMOOTH COMFORT: Easy to slip into or out of, the smooth surface simply glides across your skin. The straps are rounded and cushiony, the soles substantial and springy. It's easy to forget you even have them on
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Long-wearing durability and waterproof materials are part of the package. Springy and long-lasting construction will let you wear these day in and day out, without wearing out! Take them anywhere, they'll accommodate any outdoor activity
  • EASY, BREEZY WEAR AND CARE: As in, no cares! Slip these on and don't worry, be happy, because they'll let you go about your day or summer adventures without having to think about them.
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